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Useful tips to avoid extra plastic consumption, folks! 🖖🏻

It’s not long since we’ve started sharing our thoughts about sustainability, and we first did it with this article. It was our very personal approach to the subject, and today we want to step the game up. Not just theoretically speaking of consciousness, but starting with some real and practical small actions, something than can help all of us living in a more sustainable way!

Are you wondering “Where am I to start?”, maybe? Reducing plastic consumption it’s a simple game, trust us. Everybody knows how this non-biodegradable material accumulates in our environment causing enormous damages. Lesser known is the fact that we can start reducing its impact on our daily habits rather easily. And here you have 5 simple, easy and super cool tips to reduce your daily plastic consumption!

Sustainability and plastic consumption: Wood'd Uncovered

Reduce single-use plastic bags

“A regular plastic container can take up to 450 years to decompose” and become, just after, what it’s called a microplastic. A tiny component, smaller than 5mm, that contains toxins arming the environment and animals. What’s the solution? Say no to single-use plastic, straws, plastic bags, bottles, and containers. Use your own cotton bag when you do grocery, buy in bulk and reuse containers every time you can. As simple as this.
Five ways to reduce plastic consumption on Wood'd Journal


Think fashion out of the box

Creativity is one of the most important assets nowadays, so why not enhance it? There are so many brands out there which creatively recycle plastic! Need any example? Check this one out.

Wood'd talks sustainability


Shave your beard the right way

Single-use razors are 100% made of plastic, and one of the most difficult items to recycle. But there’s a solution which is much more sustainable and way cooler. Buy a razor with a replaceable blade, it has a powerful retro charm!

How to reduce the use of plastic on wood'd blog uncovered


Once upon a time…

Have you been in any toy store recently? Plastic, plastic everywhere! What if your kids could play with an artisanally made wooden toy car or a beautiful cloth doll? We don’t think they’d have less fun.

24 Bottles`: How to reduce use of plastic | Wood'd Uncovered


Use your own bottle

It’s probably the quickest and most practical action that every one of us can make, starting right now. Have you ever thought of bringing your own bottle always with you? It’s usable, colorful and sustainable! Need an advice? Here it is!

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